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Science-based mindfulness is broadly known to be an effective intervention for health and wellness, and a force multiplier for performance and productivity.


Yet barriers to widespread adoption remain.   


Our mission is to bridge the gap between the now-proven benefits of mindfulness, and their practical application in business, health care, education and government organizations.

We're working to create a global community of shared experience, conduct research, define  standards and best practices, develop educational  programs, and determine the measures, metrics and analytics for organizational mindfulness.

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IOM Formation Board 2019

Michael Foster

Founder, Chairman and CEO at Human Capital Institute (HCI), and former Chairman and CEO at

AIRS and Id8TE

Renee Kaspar

Chief People Officer at Octane Lending, and former VPHR at Thomson-Reuters, E-Bay, Amazon and Fidelity

Richard Greene

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer and Member of the Management Committee at Heidrick & Struggles

Dr. Uzma Burki

Former Head and Deputy Director of Total Rewards and Global Mobility at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Walter McFarland

Former Chairman at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and Founder at Windmill Human Performance

Matthew Bellows

Founder, Chairman and past CEO of Yesware and a certified instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition since 2004

Dr. Salvatore Falletta

Professor of Human Resources and Leadership at Drexel University and Founder at HR Intelligence 

Magda Mook

CEO and Executive Director at International Coach Federation (ICF)

Michelle Maldonado

Founder and CEO at Lucenscia, SIYLI-certified mindfulness teacher and expert in human potential and transformation

Phil Dixon

Founder and CEO at Oxford Brain Institute and formerly Founder and CEO at Academy of Brain-Based Leadership

Michele Freeman

Chief of the Las Vegas Department of Public Safety, with over 25 years serving in law enforcement and corrections

Proven Outcomes of Mindfulness

After several decades of research and over 6,000 journaled studies in neuroscience, psychology and medicine, it’s clear that mindfulness is an effective process of neural training with predictable and remarkably positive results.


Mindfulness has proven to be an effective intervention for corporate wellness, by reducing toxic stress, burnout and chronic illness — improving immunity, absenteeism and resilience — and reducing health care costs across the board. But mindfulness is more than a wellness solution. It also sharpens our cognitive skills, improves our emotional intelligence, and strengthens positive behavioral qualities that underlie many important leadership and business competencies.


These outcomes can have a truly remarkably impact on our happiness, motivation and engagement — our relationships with family, friends and co-workers — and the levels of performance and productivity we achieve at work and in our careers.

Health and Wellness

   - Chronic Stress 

   - Rumination and Worry

   - Anxiety and Depression

   - Chronic Illness 

   - Addiction 

   + Immunity

   + Resilience

Cognitive Performance

   + Focus and Attention

   + Situational Awareness

   + Logic and Planning

   + Critical Thinking 

   + Complex Problem-Solving

   + Creativity and Adaptability

   + Decision Making

Emotional Intelligence

   - Bias and Reactivity

   + Self Awareness

   + Emotional Control

   + Empathy and Compassion 

   + Deep Listening

   + Intuition and Rapport

   + Social Competencies

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