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The Mindful Compact
A Commitment to Employee Wellbeing

Be the Change

The Mindful Organization Compact recognizes those employers who are committed to improve mental and emotional health in the workplace. Signing the compact is a public declaration that mindfulness and wellbeing are priorities within your organization.

Lead the Field

The compact represents the movement towards a healthier, more positive work environment. It is not an accreditation or set of quality standards - it is an aspirational statement of intention to support and encourage mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, through education and action.

Be Recognized

Signatories are recognized for their commitment to common objectives for making the workplace safer, more inclusive, more human, and more productive - by reducing stress, bias, toxicity and conflict - and through proactive attention to employees’ mental and emotional challenges.

A Commitment to Wellbeing
By signing the charter, you are affirming your organization's commitment to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of all employees and stakeholders. 

As a Signatory, you’ll make best efforts towards:

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Raising awareness and transparency around mental health issues

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Helping employees recognize the onset, or signs of mental or emotional distress

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Encouraging managers and supervisors to respond in a supportive, rather than punitive way, to mental health issues

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Extending compassion and help to employees with mental health conditions, or who may be signaling distress

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Reducing the stigma, and increasing access to mental health resources

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Encouraging strategies that reduce stress, anxiety, depression, unconscious bias, conflict, exhaustion and burnout

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Ensuring that employees experiencing mental ill-health are not discriminated against

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Ensuring that disclosure of mental health conditions will enable assessment and support

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Modeling healthy attitudes and behaviors that prioritize wellbeing and self-care

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Creating a workplace culture of inclusion, acceptance and empowerment

As a signatory, you will receive

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A Mindful Organization display certificate

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A digital badge for your website, collaterals and social media

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A listing in the IOSM Mindful Organization directory

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Recognition on the IOSM website

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Recognition in press and social media announcements 

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“Improving the health and well-being of our employees just makes good business sense. As a provider of workplace health services, we see every day the difference it can make to a company’s bottom line and the impact it can have on employee morale and motivation. It offers a ”win-win” all round. ”

Steve Flanagan, Bupa Healthcare

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