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A Common Cause

We could all use some help with our mental health. We're working with a 50,000-year-old brain in a society that went from the automobile to space flight in 75 years. Just in the last 25, we've connected 4.7 billion people to a million billion bytes of digital data.   

The velocity of this change is overwhelming and full of unintentional consequences. It's certainly contributed to the year-over-year increase in chronic stress, pervasive anxiety, digital addiction, toxic relationships, conflict and burnout that we've experienced over the past 3 decades  

This impacts all of us, and it's eroding the effectiveness of our leaders, the productivity of our organizations, and the quality of life for workers across the globe.

Join up to:

  • Learn how science-based mindfulness can turn this tide, one healthier, happier, higher-performing individual at a time.


  • Update the wiring, and change your own relationship to fear, anxiety, distraction, social pain, and unconscious bias.


  • Cultivate your own mental strength, positivity, and growth mindset.


  • Help your team develop positive mental and emotional skills, and your organization create a safer, more inclusive, people-centered, and productive workplace.

An Opportunity to Contribute

Science-based mindfulness is an inflection point in the way we understand ourselves, develop our leaders, and train the workforce. 

It is a process of neural training that switches us out of auto-pilot, brings us to the present, and gives us space and perspective to make better choices. Over time, it changes the structure and function of the brain, which in turn, produces attitudinal and behavioral change.

This means that we can teach our people the skills to reduce their stress and anxiety while improving their well-being, cognitive performance, and emotional intelligence.

You can play an important role in bringing this pivotal new knowledge into the workplace. Membership funds our programs, and offers unique opportunities to help:

  •   Design and set the agenda for research

  •   Define professional standards and practice

  •   Develop effective education and certification programs

  •   Reduce the costs of health care, absenteeism, and turnover

  •   Increase leadership effectiveness and workforce performance

  •   Strengthen important individual and organizational competencies

  •   Determine the measures, metrics, and analytics for these outcomes


A Shared Conviction

IOM is a big tent, and we welcome everyone with an interest in science-based mindfulness, either as a personal toolset for greater health and happiness or as a solution for talent development and organizational effectiveness. 


We share a conviction that:

  • We can learn, adapt and succeed, and help others do the same 

  • Success starts with being fundamentally healthy, happy, and engaged

  • We’re all facing unique and difficult mental challenges today

  • We can learn to overcome these challenges ourselves

  • It’s our duty as leaders to help our people overcome them

  • If we help our people help themselves, our organization will benefit


  • We’ll thrive, our people will thrive, and the organization will thrive


IOM Programs



Community, Practitioner, Facilitator and Enterprise membership programs



Original and journaled research, white papers and case studies



A global learning network, with local and online communities of interest 



A curriculum for science-based, performance-focused, organizational mindfulness



Rigorously proven knowledge and skills for practitioners, coaches and facilitators



Business case, program design, staffing and training, execution and measurement



Annual conferences, quarterly briefings, local meetups and learning webinars

Modern Office

IOM Stakeholders



Everyone interested  in greater health, happiness, performance and productivity



Business, education, healthcare, non-profit, government and military



Team leads, supervisors, managers, directors, and executives across all functions


Human Capital

Human resources, organizational development and talent management


Learning and Development

Corporate learning, workforce training and leadership development


Operations, Sales, and Customer Service

People-intensive environments with internal and external client-facing roles 


Coaches and Consultants

Experts in executive leadership, management, strategy and implementation



Neuroscience and psychology, organizational and management sciences



Primary, secondary, college and graduate-level educators and administrators 


Wisdom Traditions

Teachers, facilitators, authors and thought leaders

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"Mindfulness helps us step back, observe self-defeating thoughts without judgment, and abandon them. When we’re not in the present moment and we’re listening to our self-critic, we get keyed up and tense. We can’t get into flow from that state. In fact, that’s when we start to get in our own way”


George Mumford, Mindfulness Coach: Chicago Bulls, L.A. Lakers, N.Y. Knicks

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