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2019 is our base year, and we’re working hard to shape our initial research, form our first communities and workgroups, surface best practices, generate case studies, and organize our content.   

It’s an exciting work in progress, and we welcome your ideas and input. Here’s what we’re building towards:


  • Access to the best science-based mindfulness experts, thought leaders, practitioners and teachers


  • Communities of practice for leaders in human capital, talent and leadership development, and the line.


  • The most current research, information, tools and resources available


  • The measures, metrics and analytics for organizational mindfulness


  • Hands-on help with the business case, blueprints and budgets for in-house programs 


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Why Mindfulness Matters

“Mindfulness has a strong positive impact on a range of performance categories, including strategy, tasks and behaviors.


Line managers receiving mindfulness training showed great improvement in supervisor-rated job performance, when compared to the baseline and that of a control group.”


— Shonin, Gordon, Dunn, Singh, Griffiths, 2014

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