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Feedback Loops Create Consciousness


Dr. Michio Kaku




When it comes to consciousness, Kaku believes different species have different levels of consciousness, based on their feedback loops needed to survive in space, society, and time.According to the theoretical physicist, human beings' ability to use past experiences, memories, to predict the future makes us distinct among animals — and even robots (they're currently unable to understand, or operate within, a social hierarchy).


In the entire universe, there are two great unsolved problems. The two greatest problems in all of science, first of all, is about the very big. It's about the origin of the universe. Why did it bang? Why do we have an expanding universe? And I personally work on something called the multi. Which we think is the, the dominant source of theories that gives us the universe before creation itself, the multiverse.

But there's also the mystery of inner space, not outer space. And that's the human mind. Where does consciousness come from? And I think that in my book, the Future of the Mind, I try to make a stab at what is consciousness. First of all, let me explain my theory. I have my own theory of consciousness. I think consciousness is the sum total of all feedback loops necessary to create a model of yourself in space, in society, and in time.

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