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Mindfulness Dissolves Thoughts


Dr. Jon Kabat Zin




Your brain is regularly inhibited by aversion, apprehension, greed, and fear. Mindfulness exercises can help change that. Medical professor and meditation teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn explains how one can combat their aversion and, hopefully, become a better, more reasonable person in the meantime.


It doesn't take long when you start to, uh, develop a practice of mindfulness before you realize that we are virtually, continually bombarded by thoughts. It's, they're like weather patterns in the mind. There are sometimes nice, clear, sunny days, but there are an awful lot of cloudy days, tumultuous days, rainy days, turbulent, stormy weather.

And again, challenge is how are we to be in relationship to all of that stuff that's driving our lives and, and our narrative of who I am and, and so. When you get in touch with what awareness really is, then you are, the first thing you realize is that those thoughts are not me, and they're not mine.

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