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Mindfulness Training at Citrix


Potential Project




Mindfulness Training at Citrix with Potential Project.


So far the program has let me rest better at night, and I actually look forward to 10 minutes training every morning. It's such a good way to start the day. At work now I can practice using, um, beginner's mind acceptance. I become more curious and ask more relevant questions, and I also now can practice focus my best effort on the things I have control over.

Thank you.

In my daily work life, uh, I have, uh, really tried to start coming off this, uh, action addiction. Um, so, uh, instead of jumping right into emails and notifications, uh, I, I really try to, uh, to start the day by, uh, prioritizing, uh, the most important tasks, um, and also doing at least one of those. Before I, I jump into, uh, being more reactive, go going through inmates and so on.

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