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The Mental Game


Dr. Michael Gervais




You could say that high-performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais is in the business of being the best—or at least his clients are.


We're helping business leaders grow themselves, their team, and their profits. This is Entree Leadership. Now, here's your host, Ken Coleman. Coming to you from the Music City. This is the broadcast of leaders by leaders for leaders. Thank you so much for joining the conversation. Our feature interview for this episode is with Dr. Michael Gervais, a psychologist focusing on high performance in sports, business, and beyond. And then after the conversation, we have two great resources that are absolutely free. So you want to stay tuned for that. Well, folks, Dr. Michael Gervais popped on my radar screen from one of my dear friends who's been a guest multiple times on this show, John Gordon. So John was tweeting him back and forth. And I'm paying attention to this. And I think to myself, well, I need to be in on this conversation. So I text John. 

So tell me about Michael Joe Vegas, man. He's awesome. That's all I needed. And so I dove into more about Michael Gervais. And he graciously agreed to come on. Here's the deal, folks. When we did our survey last year, one of the top categories of content, you wanted more of was personal growth. Well, today, not a bunch of business principles here. This is about peak performance and a specific focus on mental peak performance, which is huge. If you discard psychology, you're a fool.

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