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The Mindful Athlete


George Mumford




“Being in the Zone” or “Flow” is enhanced by the regular practice of being in the present moment, whether on or off the court.


But it is my great pleasure this afternoon to introduce you to George Mumford. And George is here joining us today to talk about his book, which you can see right here, the mindful athlete. And some of you have a copy of in front of you. And he's here to share some of the wisdoms and love and wisdom and lessons in his book.

But even more than that, to share some of who he is, with all of you. And one of the things that I was really struck by when, when reading George's book is what an extraordinary life you've had, and the extent to which you've been listening your whole life. And it's that listening, that really struck me that you've been, you know, you you watched messages coming in, sometimes you, you took the message right away, other times, you let it sit for a couple of years. And but when you were ready, you went after it.

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