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Three Tips For a Grateful Workplace


Dr. Ryan Fehr




Professor Ryan Fehr from the University of Washington shares research on how to build a culture of gratitude at work.


Thank you so much, Amy, for those, uh, wonderful thoughts. Um, as Jason mentioned, I'm a profess a professor in a business school. Um, and I just wanted to, to start by telling you a little bit about how, uh, I got interested in gratitude. Um, so for the past seven years, uh, I teach a lot of evening MBA students.

So what this means is they go to work from early in the morning until 6:00 PM uh, and then from 6:00 PM to nine 30, they're in the classroom. Uh, so these are managers. I'm in Seattle, so these are managers at Amazon, Microsoft at Boeing. And so I see them coming in right from work and I started to see.

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