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Working With the Negativity Bias


Rich Fernandez




SIYLI CEO Rich Fernandez and special guests will share 3-5 minute video shorts on leading through uncertain and disruptive times. We will be introducing tools for leaders to develop clarity, adapt to change, make effective decisions, communicate powerfully, and build trust.


Hello everybody and welcome to today's leadership brief. These are three to five minute long video shorts with some useful tips and practices that leaders can use during times of change and disruption. My name is Rich Fernandez. I'm the CEO of the S IY Leadership Institute, which was originally developed at Google and exists today to train leaders and organizations on the skills of emotional inte.

Sustainable high performance and resilience. The topic I'd love to explore with you today is the idea of a leadership mindset and a specific aspect of our leadership mindset, which we sometimes fall into without knowing it, which is the idea of the negativity bias. So a negativity bias is a term that has often been used to describe the ways that we as humans respond to stress when we experience.

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