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Why Connect?
A Global Network & Local Communities

Learn, Share and Grow

Learn from others, share your own experience, and grow your professional network with an engaged community of peers, professionals and practitioners


A Global Network

Our communities are hosted on a dynamic platform, and designed to connect you with progressive, forward-looking peers across the globe. 


We have three overarching objectives:

  • To help you start-up or strengthen your own science-based mindfulness practice, for greater health, happiness, and personal performance

  • To learn together to apply science-based mindfulness to develop more effective leaders, a higher-performing workforce, and a healthier, safer, more inclusive workplace

  • To raise awareness and spark the adoption of science-based mindfulness in our organizations


We hope you’ll get involved, to meet and network with new colleagues, to broaden your knowledge, and to help and be helped by others.  


Local Communities

IOSM Local Communities are self-organizing and self-governing, with objectives to create live and online opportunities to meet, share best practices, and participate in local activities and events.

Find Your Community

IOSM Local Communities are free and open to all Associates and Members - and they’re beginning to pop up - Go here to find one near you.


Start a New Community

We’re welcoming new communities in cities around the globe, and look forward to helping you get started. All you need is an interest in mindfulness at work, and a passion to learn, connect and help others.

To launch a new community, please connect with us here.

We’ll follow-up to start the conversation, and walk you through the start-up process. We have some great resources to help you get organized, build your membership, plan your events, and collaborate with the network.

Serious Student

"Mindful community building happens through the committed action of individual founders working as a group to create a viable organization. Compassionate communities create an environment and vehicle for shared learning and deeper relationships, and produce an experience of inclusiveness."


Compassionate Cities Charter, 2012

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