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Learn the science, develop a deeper practice, and help us introduce the next generation of 

mindfulness to people and organizations across the globe.

Associate Participation is FREE and includes:


We monitor press, journals, blogs, and social media to bring you breaking news in
mindfulness, performance and work

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Opt-in to a growing network of our partnered science, mindfulness and performance-focused blogs and podcasts

Blogs & Podcasts

Learn about the nature, science and practice of mindfulness, and how it strengthens individual and organizational capabilities

Learning  Webcasts
Work Decisions

IOSM Associates 

Associate participation is open to everyone interested in science, mindfulness, and the future of work. Sign up to unlock breaking news, information, communities, and events

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IOSM Members

Membership unlocks everything, including journaled research, member training courses, daily practice options, unlimited coaching, community networks, and an array of valuable tools.

Membership includes ALL Associate Benefits, PLUS:

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Mindful Text is an impactful 365-day micro learning program that teaches mindfulness concepts through simple, engaging daily text messages


Insight Timer offers over 100,000 guided meditations from 10,000 teachers in 50 languages PLUS training, events, communities and workplace tools.

Insight Timer
@ Work

IOSM Members are recognized with a professional logo for display on resumes, websites, and social media

Member Credentials

Science, mindfulness and performance courses, classes, certification programs, and continuing education for members

Training Courses

Join us online for live meditations, or choose a practice series to wake up with a new guided exercise in email every morning

Daily Practice Options
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Zoom-in for unlimited live coaching and mentorship - a great resource for hands-on help getting started and for guidance along the way

Coaching &

Connect to meet new friends and build your personal network, with a reach across thousands of colleagues worldwide.

A Global Network

Engage in a vibrant local community, start a practice, learn and network with other progressive, forward-looking members

Local Communities
Online Class

Choose the most effective methodologies, and measure every step of your journey, from training to business results

Study Group

Tap into the challenges, success stories, and lessons-learned by early-adopting companies and their mindfulness champions

Practicing Yoga

Learn from shared experience, and be inspired by new ideas that fill in the gaps, light up your own creativity, and boost performance

Best & Next

Choose the most effective methodologies, and measure every step of your journey, from training to business results

Metrics & Analytics

A robust directory of the most relevant research in neuroscience, biology and psychology, indexed to leadership and organizational development 

Journaled Research

Hand-curated thought leadership and learning in the physical and organizational sciences, and the nature, practice and application of mindfulness

A Video Library

An extensive and growing knowledgebase of indexed articles, studies, papers, directories, learning and teaching tools for organizational mindfulness.

Tools & Resources

Certification programs for important mental and emotional skills, and for professional capabilities in training, facilitation and coaching All Science Mindfulness

Certification Programs

Member classes, courses, webcasts and other learning events are approved for HRCI and SHRM recertification credits


IOSM Members save on public training, enterprise programs, conferences and other learning events

Member Discounts
Similing Team

"It’s the person who can focus, execute, move on, and do it again (and again, and again…) who sustains success.

Practicing mindfulness is one of the “meta factors” that distinguish some of our culture’s most successful business leaders and performers across disciplines"


Thriving in Healthcare, 2019

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