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A Global Network
Committed to Science & Mindfulness in the Workplace

A Mighty Network

Associates and Members have FREE access to the worldwide Organizational Mindfulness 
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Confident Woman

Powerful Connections

The true power of the IOSM community is in:

  • Expanding your personal network, with a reach across thousands of committed and helpful contributors

  • Tapping the collective wisdom and experience of peer experts and colleagues from all over the world

  • Helping and supporting others with your own knowledge, practical experience and enthusiasm

  • Finding insight, new ideas and answers that help you strengthen your practice, and apply it more effectively

  • Surfacing and sharing best-and-next-practices that may otherwise be buried in projects and silos

  • The shared resources for helping others with toxic stress, distraction, conflict and burnout in the workplace

  • Borrowing inspiration and motivation from your friends and colleagues, when you may need it most

  • Opportunities to advance the science and practice of performance-focused, organizational mindfulness


Colleagues Working Together

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members"


Coretta Scott King

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