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    Save 20% and receive a year’s subscription to Mindful Text
    • Everything in our Associate and Monthly Plans PLUS
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    • 365 days of scientifically validated microlearning
    • Integrates mindfulness into your life & workflow
    • Enhances wellbeing and positive, long-term behavior change
    • Engaging content with 95% click-and-read ratio
    • Messages link to deeper research, learning and tools
    • FREE exclusively with IOSM Annual Membership
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“Increase Mental Clarity and Awareness. Increase Focus and Attention Control. Increase Self-Awareness and Self-Control. Increase Social and Emotional Intelligence. Increase Empathy and Compassion for Yourself and Others. Increase Reasoning, Planning, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making. Find Your Purpose, Increase Your Effectiveness in the World.”

The IOSM Team 

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