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Stay Calm and Connected

Dr. Judson Brewer | 2:03

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Are you anxious about the Coronavirus or COVID 19? Who isn't? 

You know, in fact, there's this perfect storm between not knowing much about a very new and emerging virus, to not knowing who's going to be infected or how quickly this is going to be spread. 

All of this can come together to make us really, really anxious. So what can we do? Well, anxiety is not going to cure the virus. 

But what we can do is understand how our minds work. So here are a couple of very simple steps that you can take to work with Coronavirus, anxiety. 

First, understand how your mind works. If you can start to see any habit loops that are getting spun out around getting afraid or anxious about that virus. 

You can step back and check in to see oh, what does this feel like in my body are these thoughts or these emotions that are pushing me around?

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