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Enterprise Programs

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Training Options

Enterprise Programs teach science-based mindfulness, applied to strengthen important competencies and solve critical challenges. They’re designed to be simple and effective, low-cost and extremely flexible:


  • Choose a single 60-90 minute Performance Class - or a series of classes - from our menu of solutions for the workplace, the workforce, effective leadership, or sales and service. 


  • Or, choose any of our standard 8-week Certificate Courses - You can swap class modules and content options in and out to tailor any course to your objectives.


  • Or, you can connect any number of class modules and content options into a fully custom certificate course 



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Course Content

Enterprise Programs are designed for comprehensive and continuous learning, with access to the latest research and tools - along with curated resources and hands-on help. Our standard and optional features below can be incorporated into any training program.  


Standard 8-week Certificate Courses include:


  • Pre-and-post course assessments 


  • Live Master Class (and optional weekly live classes)


  • Self-study lessons and resources


  • Unlimited coaching for all participants 


  • Brief video exercises emailed each morning. 


  • A mobile app with thousands of guided practices


  • Member access to research, tools and information


  • Member access to learning webinars 


  • HRCI, SHRM and ICF recertification credits 


  • ADA and SCORM compliant content


  • Unlimited text, email and phone support

Optional features include:


  • A dedicated Learning Portal


  • Progress and management reporting


  • Customized course assessments  


  • Monthly 360 degree behavioral assessments

  • Site-licensed pricing for membership and training programs

Classes and Courses

Business Meeting

Performance Classes

Performance classes teach science-based mindfulness, applied to solve important challenges in leadership, the workforce, the workplace, and client-facing disciplines. Schedule a single class, a series of classes, or connect class modules into a fully-featured certificate course.

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Certificate Courses

Certificate courses are 8-week live and self-study programs, that comprise an in-depth learning experience, supported by pre-and-post course assessment, curated learning resources, group coaching, daily exercises and 24/7 student support. 

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Train-the-Trainer Programs

Train-the-Trainer programs are a low-cost way to develop a team of internal facilitators, who can create mindfulness programs for the company, build science-based principles and practices into the culture, and train the workforce. 

Performance Classes
Certificate Courses

"There are many performance advantages to mindfulness. It’s easier to pay attention. You remember more of what you’ve done. You’re more creative. You’re able to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. You avert the danger not yet arisen. You like people better, and people like you better, because you’re less evaluative. You’re more charismatic.” 


Ellen Langer, Professor, Harvard University

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