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Insight Timer @Work 

100,000 Meditations. 10,000 Teachers. 1,000 Courses.

Opt-in for FREE members-only access to the largest, most active and most connected mindfulness network on the planet

The IOSM @Workspace

Go Live!

Participate and learn with networking events, presentations, interactive workshops, and daily live yoga sessions

Meditate Together 

Schedule group meditations sharing any of IT’s 100,000 tracks, with your colleagues, team, or the entire company

Build Community

Create private communities for your team or special interests, or participate in our global and local member discussions

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Why Insight Timer?


IOSM Members receive a FREE upgrade to Insight Timer's MemberPlus subscription level (a $60 to $120 value), which unlocks hundreds of 10 and 30-day training courses from the world's nest teachers - and a host of other premium features.


Our IOSM @Workplace platform provides members with an additional level of premium features that enable FREE live events, group meditation and exclusive IOSM member content and networking.

Mental and emotional issues in the workplace are a global challenge, and many companies and teams are multi-cultural. Our members are located around the world, so it's important that Insight Timer offers guided meditation and training in 50 languages.

It's also important to have the deep library, diversity of content, and features that drive engagement and regular practice. Insight Timer is the clear winner in these category, resulting in a community that meditated for 6 billion minutes in 2020 - 6 times more than Calm.


“A simple bell can remind us to pause from the computer, and come back to our breathing. Returning to our breath reconnects us with our body and mind in the here and now. We have a chance to release any tension we find there - we can stretch, smile, relax for a short moment. Installing a bell on our computer is one of the surest ways to stay mindful of whatever we are doing.”


Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation

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