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A Positive Mindset

Robin Boudette, Ph.D. | 8:40

Our right prefrontal cortex activates when we’re anxious or depressed - and our left cortex lights up when we’re happy and energetic. The activity ratio between the hemispheres across the day establishes a positivity set-point. One simple way to think about it is that mindfulness increases left-hemisphere activities - and so raises the set-point to create a more positive mindset. 

Establishing a positive mindset through mindfulness, is an iterative process of imprinting “states”, that then evolve over time into default “traits”.


Repeatedly experiencing the emotion and sensation of calm awareness, non-judgment, kindness, acceptance, gratitude and self-compassion, strengthen circuits of positivity and establish them as mental habits.   


Positivity is also the fundamental characteristic of a “growth mindset” - one that thrives on challenge, and regards failure as a natural, temporary and valuable learning experience.


The view we adopt of ourselves can be the most profound determinant of our success - and a growth mindset assumes that we will work through setbacks, to learn, grow and thrive.

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