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Become Grounded

Mindful | 8:29

In mindfulness, we focus our attention to create an awareness of the present moment, while acknowledging and accepting the feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations that rise into it. Grounding techniques help us stay firmly in that moment. This is particularly useful when our minds and bodies are experiencing, stress, trauma or difficult circumstances.

We’re ungrounded when we’re distracted, spacing out, over-thinking or ruminating, engaging in personal drama, experiencing anxiety or perpetual worrying - or when we’re possessed by a desire for material things, deceiving ourselves or others, obsessed with our personal image. 

Mindfulness starts with noticing these states or preoccupations. Coming to the present, and connecting with the body through the breath, or body scan, or a sensory visualization centers and grounds us.


The Mountain meditation is designed to cultivate stillness and calm and to connect with our inner strength and stability in the face of challenges. 

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