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Connecting with the Body

Tara Bugaiar | 5:01

Science has proven a body-mind connection wherein mental conditions affect our physical health, and physical conditions affect our mental health. The mental and emotional distress of anxiety and worry, for example, can result in physical symptoms: headaches, back, shoulder, and neck pain - while that physical “gut” feeling can be important data to consider in making an important decision. 


The body scan is an important formal practice, that directs the mental capabilities of focus and attention control to feelings and sensations in the body. This process puts us in touch with information we’ve almost certainly been missing. It grounds our consciousness (which can feel apart and disconnected from the physical body) - and trains us to listen to important physical and intuitive signals. 


This is an effective practice for reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation and insomnia. Research has linked it to greater equanimity (being able to observe thoughts without reacting to them) and wellbeing.

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