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Deeper Intuition

Lynn Robinson | 3:59

Intuition is immediately knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning. The three levels of intuition are Basic (the commonly-known gut instinct) - Expert (the capability to make accurate snap-judgments) - and Strategic (the flash of insight at the culmination of a conscious or unconscious thought process).

These are important decision tools, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence signals - and all three are strengthened through mindfulness practice. In fact, the process of mindfulness itself - to be calm, be present in the moment, to look inwards, to allow insight to arise without judging its contents - these are mindfulness practices that strengthen corresponding traits in intuition.

Mindful intuition can sense a deviation when the spreadsheet says otherwise, forecast a trend that others don't see yet, recognize patterns and apply subtle connections to make better decisions. It contributes to social awareness, emotional intelligence and communications - and, according to the U.S. Office of Naval Research, to leadership responsible for high-stakes, life and death decisions on the battlefield. 

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