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Emotional Control

Shelly Chauhan | 6:56

Emotional control is a psychologically complex process of monitoring, evaluating and moderating our behaviors in response to our perception of self, the feelings and perceptions of others, and projected social outcomes. It is an essential set of mental skills for navigating our way through the world - and joins simple awareness and attention control as the third superpower of mindfulness.

Effective emotional control relies first on situational awareness to accurately position us - then on self-knowledge and self-awareness to give us the resources to respond strategically. Mindfulness strengthens the metacognition to calmly observe the situation as it unfolds, without leaping to an instant or automatic reaction.   


Emotional control exists in the space between stimulus and response. Knowing our purpose and values, understanding our strengths and gaps, being able to approach stressful situations with an open, unbiased, beginner’s mind, and knowing how to manage our triggers are all important contributors to our ability to use that space effectively - and to choose behaviors that advance our objectives in a conscious, strategically manner. 

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