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Experiencing the Breath

Tara Bugaiar | 6:29

Mindfulness starts when we notice that we’re distracted, or lost in rumination or worry, or stuck in a negative emotion, or simply acting unconsciously on autopilot. Our first step is to bring our attention gently into the present moment, and to a point of intentional focus.


In Vipassana (mindfulness), the traditional point of focus is the sensation of breath. Paying close attention to the breath first collects, calms and focuses the mind. It then provides an important and grounding connection to the body. 


From there, breath can be controlled to produce physical outcomes in the brain and body - or, as a gateway to formal practices that strengthen positive states - or, a starting point for contemplation and inquiry.


As with our experience of the mind, this early exercise provides a simple introduction to the breath, and what it means to pay bare attention to its sensation.

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