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Forgive and Move On

Sean Fargo | 9:45

We have endless opportunities to offend, or be offended, every day. But conflict is disruptive, unpleasant, emotionally challenging and leaves pain in its wake. Choosing to forgive (ourselves and others) releases us from the distress that otherwise rises again and again from the memory of the incident.

Forgiveness can be a difficult process - but realizing that a person who seems so different, is in a fundamental way “just like you”, can become the basis for real connection, empathy and forgiveness. 

This perception can be applied to people we don’t know very well, people with whom we’ve had some difficulty or a cultural difference, people who we feel are doing us harm, or who we see as an enemy - or those we’re in conflict with. Mindfulness helps us develop a sense of compassionate understanding, by strengthening our sense of shared experience as human beings.

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