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Managing Stress

MINDmgt | 3:58

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have named chronic stress the “global epidemic of the 21st century”— and have confirmed that its primary source by far, is the workplace (whether that’s an office, the shop floor, a virtual space, or after-hours on our laptops and smartphones). The problem is not only uncomfortable, unpleasant and getting worse - it’s killing us.


To turn this around, we need a global movement to take toxicity out of the workplace. This starts by helping our people learn the mental skills to cope effectively with chronic stress, anxiety, distraction, unconscious bias, conflict and burnout. 


This week’s focus is on applying the outcomes of mindfulness to reduce stress - by calming the mind, brain and body - by dampening the arousal signals from our primitive brain - by understanding our evolutionary and automatic biases - and with strategies that reframe our relationship to it. 

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