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Practice Acceptance

Dr. Daniel Farrant | 4:57

Accepting ourselves, as we are - others, without judgement - and our experience, as it comes. This the starting point for any personal development project, and for creating a sustainable positive mindset.  Acknowledging the reality of “what is” without the illusion of what we want it to be, or what it patently is not, can be a very difficult reckoning. But how can we know what steps to take, or how to measure our progress, if we don’t recognize the true starting point? 

The mindfulness concept of acceptance does not connote acquiescence, indifference, resignation or weakness. It is simply the bare recognition of where we are, objectively and without judgement, at this moment. Acceptance contributes to a positive mindset by separating our happiness from any specific goal, or having someone else’s love or attaining a desired object.   


Buddhist traditions teach that craving and desire create suffering. We’ll never be rich enough, thin enough, have enough or be loved enough to make us happy. It’s only when we accept who we are in this moment (and accept that this moment is impermanent, and beyond our control), that we find happiness. 

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