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Purpose, Values and Beliefs

Robin Boudette, Ph.D. | 6:47

Happiness, joy and fulfillment all spring from the congruence of our behaviors with our concept of self. If we unconsciously value honesty, authenticity, trustworthiness, patience and compassion - yet behave otherwise - we set up inner conflict that can devolve from a feeling of conscientious discomfort to full-blown self-loathing.

The important step here is to consciously clarify the purpose, values and beliefs that we decide to embrace. The choices provides a bright baseline for how we respond and act. This doesn’t mean that we’ll always have the presence of mind or discipline to act in accordance with the attributes we’ve chosen - but it does consciously clarify the gap, which allows us to consciously close it.   


When we generally are acting in accordance with what we want ourselves to be - we are fundamentally at peace. Intention setting helps us choose and become aware of what's most important to us, and skillfully align our speech and actions to reflect those choices.

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