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The Mind Never Sleeps

MINDmgt | 3:27

Science tells us that the mind is up and running 24/7, even when we’re sleeping. That processing thoughts and emotions (especially negative ones) consumes physical energy. And that mental work can be as exhausting as physical labor. 


Our brains are processing 11 million bits of sensory data every second. They instantly sort, prioritize, and compress that data stream into the 120 bits per second that can be consciously managed. This means that 99.9% of our experience happens below the threshold of consciousness - and it’s why the brain, though only about 2% of our body weight, consumes more than 20% of our metabolic energy. 


This incredible amount of brain activity can contribute to a baseline of stress, and can spill over into anxiety, overload and insomnia. Among the principal outcomes of mindfulness are quieting the chatter in the mind and brain, and calming the body.

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