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OM - Facilitator

OM Facilitator
Facilitate All-Science Organizational Mindfulness

What Are We Facilitating?

Choosing a facilitation course starts with an understanding of what kind of program is being facilitated. If you’re planning to help an instructor in private practice, you may want to learn the techniques of MBSR or MBCT or the content of the courses that your instructor teaches. Most of these courses approach mindfulness as a therapy for stress, and everything from the course content to the language of the guided practices should be aimed in that direction

A Curriculum for Performance

If you’re bringing mindfulness into a corporate, educational or government environment, we suggest you consider a curriculum designed not just for stress reduction, but for the application of mindfulness to personal and business performance. In this case, it’s important first to understand mindfulness through an all-science lens - then, how it can applied to the challenges of the modern organization.  

A New Professional Capability

We’re entering a post-MBSR era where we can reach millions of people through leadership and talent development programs - but only if we can separate the science from any underlying belief or worldview - and teach mindfulness as a series of proven mental and emotional skills that can solve practical challenges, and achieve predictable results. 

OM - Facilitator

OM Facilitator

Facilitating organizational mindfulness takes more than knowing how to lead a group meditation. Expert facilitators should bring a solid understanding of traditional mindfulness practices - the most current science - and how to apply the outcomes to strengthen individual and organizational performance.  

This course is designed to advance the new discipline of performance-focused mindfulness. In concert with the Organizational Mindfulness Certificate prerequisite, it offers:

  • A body of new knowledge for mindfulness teachers, trainers, business coaches, and consultants who are expanding their practice into business, education and government organizations 

  • A science-and-fact based framework for health and wellness professionals, life coaches, and counselors who are helping clients develop mental and emotional skills for the workplace and beyond. 

  • An opportunity for passionate and experienced practitioners to bring mindfulness into the workplace in an effective and sustainable way.

  • A simple, low-cost way for organizations to integrate mindfulness into the company and culture, using their own in-house facilitators to create well- organized and scalable programs. 

Course Objectives

OM Facilitators are certified for their knowledge of the science and performance applications of mindfulness  and their expertise in  organizing, facilitating and leading organizational mindfulness programs.

Facilitate Learning 

​You will learn to:

Reframe mindfulness as a neural training process

Communicate the fact-based outcomes of practice 

Map those outcomes to individual performance 

Apply specific practices to specific outcomes 

Apply specific outcomes to specific functional capabilities  

Connect individual gains to organizational objectives

Skillfully lead mindfulness practices and exercises

Coach and mentor new practitioners

Facilitate Adoption

​You will learn to:

Create an effective mindfulness program

Develop the business case for executive support

Create the blueprint and step-by-step program plan

Incorporate lessons-learned by early adopters

Successfully launch, promote and grow the program

Present effectively to individuals and teams

Create alliances to extend the program

Create the measures for business results 

Course Contents

IOSM Certificate courses blend live instruction with self-paced learning, daily practice, 
unlimited group coaching and community support


Pre-and-post course assessments

Live Classes

4 weekly instructor-led classes


4 weekly self-study lessons 


4 weekly progress exam-lets

Daily Practice

4 weeks of daily email videos


4 optional coaching sessions

Final Exam

A comprehensive final exam


Certificate and digital badge 

Associate Access 

IOSM resources, tools and events

Lifetime Access

IOSM Global Alumni Community

Anytime Help

Phone, chat, text and email support


SHRM, HRCI & ICF recertification

Course Outline

Key knowledge and resources for facilitating and supporting organizational mindfulness

Principles and Practices I

Week 1: Principles and Practices I

Organizational mindfulness is based on traditional principles and practices that have been systemically analyzed and reinterpreted through a modern, all-science lens. This class is a deeper dive into the attitudes and informal practices of modern mindfulness. 

You will learn to:

  • Explain and explore awareness, decentering, metacognition and the attitudes of mindfulness

  • Effectively demonstrate and lead informal, in-the-moment practices

Principles and Practices II

Week 2: Principles and Practices II

The mind can physically change the brain, and mindfulness is a series of mental and emotional skills that prove it. This class is a deeper dive into formal meditation practices that change mindsets, and reprogram emotional states into behavioral traits.

You will learn to:

  • Explain and explore visualization and emotional imprinting 

  • Effectively demonstrate and lead formal meditation practices

Program Development I

Week 3: Program Development I

Whether top-down or grassroots-up, successful mindfulness programs share common best practices. This class explores the organizing steps to building an effective and transformative corporate mindfulness program.

You will learn to:

  • Determine business needs and adapt the lessons of successful, early-adopting companies

  • Create the right business plan, blueprint, roadmap, metrics, and KPIs

Program Development II

Week 4: Program Development II

Mindfulness creates more effective leaders, a happier, healthier, higher-performing workforce, and a safer, more inclusive, more productive workplace. This class explores strategies for gaining buy-in, allies, and scale.

You will learn to:

  • Build executive support, and leverage alliances with HR, OD and Talent Development

  • Launch, rollout, and scale a successful enterprise-wide program


“Mindfulness helps leaders and employees reflect effectively, focus sharply on the task at hand, master peak levels of stress, and recharge quickly. At the organizational level, mindfulness reduces sick days, increases trust in leadership, boosts employee engagement and unlocks the full potential of digital and agile transformations”


Knowledge at Wharton, 2018

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