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Young Businesswomen

Performance Class Library
Important Capabilities for the Future of Work

Practical Mindfulness

IOSM Performance Classes teach science-based mindfulness, applied to solve human capital challenges and increase personal, team and organizational results. Each class explores an important personal or business capability - then introduces the science, and most effective mindfulness principles and practices to develop it.

Modular Classes

Classes are available in 30-60–and-90-minute formats . They can be presented as an individual class - or connected into a series of any length - or combined as modules to create a new custom course. This is fast, effective training for mental and emotional skills that improve attitudes, behaviors and outcomes.

Portals for a Deeper Dive

Each class is paired with a dedicated portal of optional self-paced study modules, with video lessons and links to additional resources. Along with classes, portals can also be connected into a series - or combined with assessments, progress tracking, exams, and digital badging, to create your own courses and certification programs.


This menu of classes can become a powerful internal learning platform. You can choose to unlock any number of lessons and portals, or the entire library. We’ll provide in-depth training, teaching guides, and support for your facilitators - and turn-key access to all content and learning materials.

Performance Classes

A library of important soft-skills and mental-emotional capabilities that can be developed and reinforced through mindfulness and neural training

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Workplace Challenges

Overwork, Overload, & Overwhelm

Distraction & Attention Deficit

Change & Uncertainty

Equity & Inclusion

Toxicity & Conflict

Exhaustion & Burnout

Workplace Safety

Click to learn more about Workforce Challenges - and view class summaries

Attentive Therapist

Managing Mindset

Managing Metabolic Energy

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Practicing Gratitude

Self-Care & Self-Compassion

Habit & Behavioral Change

Mental Strength & Resilience

Health & Wellbeing

Click to learn more about Health & Wellness - and view class summaries

Writing with Pen

Self Motivation

Self Awareness

Self Management

Social Awareness

Empathy and Compassion

Effective Communication

Relationship Management

Emotional Intelligence

Click to learn more about Emotional Intelligence - and view class summaries

Working Together

Leadership Performance

Purpose & Vision

Authenticity & Presence

Integrity & Trustworthiness

Agility & Adaptability

Conflict Resolution

Coaching & Mentoring

Leading Hybrid & Remote Teams

Click to learn more about Leadership Performance - and view class summaries

Team Meeting

Psychological Safety

Beginner's Mind

Acceptance & Inclusion

Cultivating Nonjudgment

Cultivating Nonreactivity

Chemistry & Communication

Working in Hybrid & Remote Teams

Team Performance

Click to learn more about Team Performance - and view class summaries

Manager Portrait

A Growth Mindset

A Positive Attitude

Personal Organization

Commitment & Self-Discipline

Deep Work

Personal Accountability

Patience & Perseverance

Individual Performance

Click to learn more about Individual Performance - and view class summaries

Digital Programmer

Cognitive Performance

Mental Clarity

Attention Control

Learning & Memory

Logic & Reasoning

Critical Thinking

Complex Problem-Solving


Click to learn more about Cognitive Performance - and view class summaries

Sales Agent

An Achievement Mindset

Motivation & Enthusiasm

Building Trust & Rapport

Deep & Intuitive Listening

Resolving Objections

Influence & Persuasion

Determination & Persistence

Sales & Service Performance

Click to learn more about Sales & Service - and view class summaries


“There are many performance advantages to mindfulness. It’s easier to pay attention. You remember more of what you’ve done. You’re more creative. You’re able to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. You avert the danger not yet arisen. You like people better, and people like you better, because you’re less evaluative. You’re more charismatic.” 


Ellen Langer, Professor, Harvard University

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