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Mindfulness at Aetna

Andy Lee | 1:00:17

Mindfulness at Aetna

Mindfulness at Aetna

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Okay, I think we're broadcasting to all attendees, as my little message here says, so hello to everyone that's attending our webinar today. Welcome to this first session of our IOM, corporate mindfulness case study series. This is going to be great. We're gonna be doing this for the next year.


My name is Mike Foster, I'm the chairman at IOM. And I'm here with my friend and colleague, Andy Lee. And we're really looking forward to grilling Andy on his everything he knows about setting up mindfulness programs inside corporations, and he is he is really the guy to start with. So it's great to have you here, Randy, thanks a lot for being with us. Great to be here, Mike. Thanks. I'm looking forward to this. Okay, terrific. I've got a couple of housekeeping items to go through.


The first is just a real quick hand on the net about the Institute for organizational mindfulness. I see a lot of members, you know, in the audience here today, so you guys know what we're all about. But there's a lot of non members come in to, which is terrific, we, you know, we welcome you. We're a nonprofit association of operating leaders, human capital leaders, inside corporations, if you will also have scientists and educators okay. And we're a big tent, we're here to bring the smartest people into the room to help us figure out how to bring science based performance focused mindfulness into all of our organization, you know, whether it's whether it's school, government, or business.

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