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Mindfulness at Ford Foundation

Janna Bilski | 1:01:02

Mindfulness at Ford Foundation

Mindfulness at Ford Foundation

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Welcome, everybody, to the mindfulness case study series hosted by the Institute for organizational mindfulness. My name is Cole, you guys probably know me have been attending these for a while. So I'll save any intros there. But today, we have a wonderful guest, Janet Bilski, from the Ford Foundation, who's going to be talking about her mindfulness work there for the past, what, five or six years, Jen, is that right?


It's been almost five years.


Yeah, in our first nonprofit guests. So very, sort of inaugural intro to mindfulness in that in that area. And we're glad to have you if you are new. Basically, what this series is aimed to do, right is to give you a preview or a roadmap or an idea of how mindfulness is actually implemented inside of an organization, right. And so we're talking to all of the champions and leaders that are doing that from the top down, the bottom up in the middle out, and just kind of learning as we go.

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