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Mindfulness at Pacific Blue Cross

Wendy Quan | 58:06

Mindfulness at Pacific Blue Cross

Mindfulness at Pacific Blue Cross

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Welcome, everybody, to another one of our in depth discussions with an expert really in bringing mindfulness into organizations. And Wendy brings so much to this conversation because she has a really interesting area of expertise that I think is relevant to many people. And we're going to be digging into that shortly. Wendy is the founder of a company called the calm monkey, which specializes in training and certifying experienced meditators on how to implement where we're placed mindfulness programs, and also become skilled mindfulness facilitators.


She's taught her programs in a lot of different places, including the Greater Good Science Center, Google, and the Government of Dubai taught different programs there, I don't know if they were all the same Wendy, and trained over 375 facilitators worldwide. And prior to starting calm monkey, what really got her started in this journey was her work, as Cole had mentioned, with Pacific Blue Cross in Vancouver. And she's here today to share her experiences of bringing mindfulness into Pacific Blue Cross, actually, at a very interesting time for the company. And the last thing I mentioned, Wendy, is congratulations on your co authoring of a new book called The successful body, which I understand is being shipped today. Is that right?


That's right. Thank you so much. Yeah, it's an exciting big day. Yeah, super auspicious day. So thanks for joining us today, Wendy. The first thing we always like to do is we like to ask our guests to perhaps lead us in a brief mindfulness practice. Would that be okay?

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