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Mindfulness at San Francisco Dept of Public Health

Mindfulness at San Francisco Dept of Public Health

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Mindfulness at San Francisco Dept of Health

Jenee Johnson | 57:35


Janay is actually on the fall 2020 issue of mindful magazine, and was recognized as a one of the top 12 Powerful Women of the mindfulness movements. She is also the founder of the right within experience, which is an experiential mindfulness program that reclaims humanity, joy and wellbeing for black people through mindfulness practices. And these are human rights and exalted emotions that are eroded black lives through the consistent exposure that a trauma of racism and I know that program is percolating, and is looking to launch here soon. So be on the watch for Janay.


For that program, and and for the discussion today. Janae has started her journey in the as the director of the San Francisco black infant health program, program, which provides direct service to black pregnant women and new mothers to address the health disparities and infant and maternal mortality. And she has gone on a quite a journey to becoming a mindfulness coach and facilitator and has done a lot of her work with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, otherwise known as silly, and is also a trauma trainer as well as kind of infused what she's learned in mindfulness and her work and trauma to make a really unique program at the Department of Public Health. So long winded intro, but you know, that's you are a very dynamic person. So Janae, it is a pleasure to have you here. And I don't know if you want to add any commentary to that. But I'd love for you to just get us started. And that kind of arriving mindfully states if you'd be willing to share a short practice with us?


Absolutely. One of the best practices and most easy to integrate into a business setting is a moment to arrive where everyone spills in the room comes in, either they're straight off the freeway or running in from another meeting. Hopefully, we'll be doing that soon. I think we're running in from the kitchen right now. But in any case, it's an opportunity for us to come here and now and be present together and collect yourself. And so it's called a moment to arrive. We teach this in the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute program. And we're integrating it actually in many teams and units and departments in the Department of Public Health.

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