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Mindfulness at Toyota

Mindfulness at Toyota

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Mindfulness at Toyota

Christine Wenger | 1:01:21


Hello, everybody, we just broadcasting now to LinkedIn, and zoom. hope everybody's doing well. If there are any issues with the sound or anything like that, just go ahead and, you know, let us know in the chat. It'll be going to Me and Christine. And we'll we'll adjust accordingly. But welcome to yet again another episode of our IOM case study series. Today we have our guests kissed Christine Wenger, who has working as the enterprise change. Sorry. So as you guys can tell, I'm actually not used to this, because we've had our wonderful emcee Andy Lee, leading this series up until our very last session with Ford Foundation. And I am the maybe temporary, maybe permanent host of this series, so just bear with me as I kind of move through the windows here.


But anyway, today we're talking to Christine Langer, who is the National Manager of enterprise change management at Toyota Financial Services. Christine's career began in technical consulting and software development. And right now she's really enabling and focusing on enabling Toyota teams to prepare for and leverage large organizational changes. And she is the founder of the program we're going to talk about today, mindfulness at Toyota, that is focusing on building resilience, creativity, personal productivity, and wellbeing. For all Toyota team members. She has extensive experience in change management, software development, technical program management, facilitation, coaching in the whole lot. She's a wonderful person. And I'm so excited to just explore your personal journey and the journey you've been on at Toyota to introduce this really world paradigm shifting content to a lot of people. So welcome, Christine. It's great to have you.


Thanks. Cool. Thanks for having me. And, you know, one of the pieces you just said is like you're multitasking in the beginning, right? Ironically, it's in mindfulness, that that's not really possible. So all good. Take your time for what you need of sometimes it is challenging to do that our brains don't switch as fast as we think they do.

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