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Epigenetics and Evolution

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton | 1:44:00


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Hello, everyone. Welcome to the neuro hacker collective podcast collective insights. My name is Daniel smock to murder I'm with r&d here at the collective. We are delighted to have Dr. Bruce Lipton with us today. Bruce Lipton is a eminent cell biologist, and is actually popularly known for helping to popularize the understanding of epigenetics and possible consequences of where epigenetics could take medicine and mind brain medicine into the future is training was as a cell biologist. And he's done work with NIH and Ms. Stanford and University of Wisconsin and a lot of very reputable institutions to some of the work in early genetic engineering and stem cell work and muscular dystrophy. And all of this brought him to some very interesting insights about the nature of genetics, genetic transcription, and the relationship between what the genome is and what is actually expressing what physiology is, and, you know, actually took him into a place of very deep inquiry into the nature of what is consciousness, what is physics? How do they interface, the nature of mind brain medicine.

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