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High Performing Organizations

Loren Shuster-Google | 3:39


Well, it, it's been a really unique opportunity to be surrounded by so many great speakers. And by a, an audience that is so interested in mindfulness and what it could do and the value that it could bring to organizations. Um, what I was also struck by was how many common themes and common threads there were, regardless.

Which speaker was presenting, and the one theme that kept on coming up and resonating with me is this ability that mindfulness. Enables people to respond rather than react, to enable people to just take a pause, and that pause can be one second or it could be longer, and just give them the opportunity to reflect on what they're feeling, what the situation may call for, and to make a much more informed decision.

That I believe given that opportunity to reflect and respond versus compuls compulsive reaction, you have an opportunity to deliver much greater value to that particular engagement and hopefully much greater impact to that particular business problem that you're trying to solve or that particular interpersonal, uh, situation that you're dealing with.

To me, the juncture between mindfulness and leadership is really around self-awareness, and I, I don't think it's possible to be a great leader and a leader who can get other people to follow them without having a very high level of self-awareness, without being able to show. As who you really are to be able to demonstrate not only your strengths as a leader, but the areas, uh, of your relative weakness.

And I think by having that self-awareness, you. Signal to the rest of the team that they should understand for themselves where they're, what they're bringing to the table. And you create an environment where everyone could be more mindful of what's coming up for them and what emotions they may be bringing to a particular situation.

And then once that's surfaced either within yourself or within the group, you're able to work. Rather than having all of this, these needs and these values operating exclusively beneath the surface, which is where they normally reside yet have a huge impact on our day to day interactions.

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