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Limbic System

Robert Sapolsky | 1:28:46


 Stanford University.

Okay. And is this audible? It's really quiet. Really quiet. Something's wrong with the sound system today. How's that? How's that placebo? Maybe that would've worked. Okay. Well, I guess I will just have to shout out, but

All right. Help. Right? Where am I clipping? Where this falling off? Is I doing it? That's fine. Okay.

Good. So let's see. That is an event you probably should check out, and I'm still irritated you didn't wanna sign football for me, but nonetheless. Okay, so starting off as, uh, the large numbers of empty seats imply not only is Monday the midterm, but today's not a topic that we covered on the midterm. So in case you wanna flee right now, here's your chance.

I won't be upset. But what we do here is look at our last topic of our buckets. In this case, our neurobiology one. And the whole premise for this one is to cover the most wonderful, interesting parts of the brain, which you're gonna hear squat about when you wind up in medical school again from the other day.

What they will teach you about endlessly is stuff that goes wrong with your spinal cord, or stuff that goes wrong with parts of your brain that regulate your bladder and your balance and moic stuff. How come? Because yes, you can't hear a thing? No, no. Um,

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