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Mindfulness for Life

Mark Williams | 1:22:20


 Thank you, mark, you.

So thank you Mark. And, uh, thank you for inviting me to this lovely, lovely place. So we've introduced ourselves to each other. Um, now why don't we introduce ourselves to ourselves in a one minute sitting. So let's just sit for coming to sit for one minute. And if you wish, you can close your eyes or lower your gaze.

And simply stepping inside. So noticing what's going on in mind and body right now, and sort of checking in with yourself and sort of coming home, noticing the weight of the body on the chair, the feet on the floor, and allowing yourself to be exactly as you are, like meeting an old friend.

And perhaps asking yourself, what brings me here? What is it I'm seeking? And then coming back to this body, sitting this moment, and then when you're ready, letting you. Eyes open, perhaps moving fingers and toes and taking in the room again.

So in this talk, I'd like to do a number of things. Um, first of all, to introduce the idea of mindfulness, how it's defined. Why do people seek something in this thing we call mindfulness? What is it and what are they seeking? And then to understand how mindfulness works, how it meets the mind when we meditate, when we try to be mindful and to see what is it in the mind that is met there.

Look at the, some of the wonders of the mind, especially those parts of the mind that take shortcuts to see how those shortcuts help us, but also sometimes deceive us. And then having spent quite a bit of time on that, coming back to look at the practice and how the practice helps those particular things.

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