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Neuroscience of Emotion and Decision Making

Daniel Goleman | 4:34


So, the first two elements of emotional intelligence have to do with self mastery. And they are based this circuitry is the neuro platform. The first of these is self awareness, knowing what I'm feeling, knowing why I'm feeling it. Self awareness is very important for decision making, particularly personal decision making, but also business or even technical decision making for quite an interesting reason.

There was a study done by a man named Antonio Damasio, he's now at USC. Of he's an expert on this circuitry. And because he's an expert on the circuitry a very bright corporate lawyer, who unfortunately had a pre frontal brain tumor, which was operated on quite successfully in early but during surgery, they snipped the connection between the amygdala and the PFC. This lawyer went to see Demacia because his life was collapsing. and de Blasio tested him and couldn't see anything wrong.

The lawyers life had collapsed in this way. He seemed to be able to function just as well after surgeries before, but he couldn't keep his job. He lost his job couldn't keep any jobs. His wife left him he lost his house, he ended up living in his brother's spare bedroom. And in despair, it goes to Demacia. He says, Well, you're an expert on the circuitry.

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