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Our Power to Change Others

Tail Sharot | 53:48


Um, it is my very honor to, uh, welcome you Tali to Mountain View here to Google, and, um, it is my very honor and pleasure to introduce Tali to you guys, um, here in the room. Um, a world renowned researcher and scientist in the field of cognitives cognitive neuroscience, um, Tali investigates how motivation and emotion determine our expectations of the future.

Our everyday decisions, our memories, and our ability to learn. She's talking about her brand new book. The Influential Mind and t shows us how to, how to avoid pitfalls, um, in our daily struggle to affect others. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my very honor and my very pleasure to pass on the microphone to Dr.

Tali Sharot.

Thank you so much Manu, uh, for inviting me. Um, Manu has been amazing at organizing this and also, uh, organizing a previous talk in a conference that he organized in Chicago. Um, so thank you so much, uh, and thank you all for coming and watching wherever you are. So, as Manu said, I'm a cognitive neuroscientist.

So that's basically psychology and neuroscience mixed together, and I bring people into my lab and I try to understand the brain mechanisms that give rise to how people act every day, how they interact, how they make decisions, how they think. And influential mind is really about how people form beliefs.

Um, how beliefs can be quite stubborn, but how change is possible if we understand the human mind and if we understand thinking. And a lot of what I'm gonna talk about today is how people process information, how they seek out information and how they process information to form those beliefs. Uh, and so that's one kind of.

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