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The Dialectic Life

Michael Grome | 17:26


 Stop. No, stop. Take a moment. Think about your thoughts right now. What exactly are you thinking? What do you think I'm going to say? What influenced those thoughts? Is it your expectations of these talks? The school we're. Or my skin color or gender. This is a challenge that I post to test my perceptions and it's, it's really fun to test our perceptions when it's something like puzzles or, or illusions, right?

Like, is that dress black and blue or is it gold and yellow, white, uh, whatever. , but we don't gain the same level of enjoyment when it is more of our political perceptions that are being challenged. Oftentimes, these can raise stress and emotions that can block our ability to learn and listen, and it's tough to be challenged in this way, but without challenge to our beliefs, how can we refine them and grow intellectual?

So here's a nice little poem. Ah, we are ships in the sea of beauty and destination is our truth.

But passion be the wind in our sails and reason be the rudder that guides us. Let passion overtake.  and Truth will evade us. Hello everyone. My name is Michael Gro and I am here to discuss the dialectic life. But in order to do that, I want to first start by getting some terms out of the way, right? So the first is truth.

What is truth? Well, truth is essentially something that is well real. It exists in objective reality beyond. Us, but we as subjective creatures, view the world through ideological lenses that are tinted and blurred by our beliefs and our experiences. Ah, and that actually leads us to our inability to actually see truth or when we're looking at it, we can't be sure what that is.

And that's what leads us to belief. Belief in its most basic. Is, uh, essentially a claim or thought that we hold to be true. And these can vary in our certainty, our evidence, in their complexity or their accuracy. Um, for example, uh, two plus two equals four is a belief the earth is round. Yale is a good school.

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