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The Neuroscience of Habit

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz | 47:54


So now it's my great pleasure to welcome the amazing Dr. Jeffery Schwartz, a research psychologist at the University of California, and one of the world's leading experts in neuroplasticity, particularly as it relates to obsessive compulsive disorder. 

It was his work that demonstrated how thoughts can actually change brain chemistry. And his work has actually informed a lot of mine. And he's the author of several groundbreaking books. He's also a Hollywood adviser on characters with mental disorders, such as Howard Hughes, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Aviator. 

And you can see some of these interviews on his website. This morning, Dr. Schwartz will speak about the neuroscience of habits and how we can reframe our thinking to overcome them, please give him a warm welcome.

Thank you, hon. And that was, I really appreciate it. And thank you very much. And thank you to Beth and Tony, for inviting me. And it's always great to be in Sydney. And every time I come here, I love the place more.

So hopefully, you'll be seeing more me as time goes by. The subject matter for today is a very significant one, and a pretty serious one to the neuroscience of habit.

For many years, I have been representing the position, you are not your brain

not been a mainstream position in neuroscience. At the margin that might be changing a little bit, I hope it is.

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