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This Is Important For Mindfulness Teachers To Know

Sean Fargo | 1:55


 As mindfulness teachers, it's important to try not to make people feel calm or relaxed or good. That's not what mindfulness is. Mindfulness is not about being happy. Mindfulness is not about being relaxed.

Mindfulness is about noticing what's here without judging, which will tend to lead towards ease and relaxation and the outcomes that are more pleasant typically. But, um, um, a danger.  

With teaching mindfulness is focusing on the outcomes that we want people to have as mindfulness teachers. It's important not to bypass the process for the outcomes. 

Mindfulness is about the process of continually being. , which will tend to lead towards those outcomes. And so, you know, as we're defining mindfulness for others and leading people through some practices or describing mindfulness, um, I encourage you to be careful to not give the impression that mindfulness is about feeling great.

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