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Mindfulness for Healthcare
New Solutions for Severe Stress and Burnout

Thanks for your interest in our new four-class series that teaches the essential skills for resolving and managing severe stress and burnout. We’ve developed this brief course based on research published in 2021 and 2022, and our own deep dive into industry challenges and the effectiveness of current solutions. You can view a webcast video of our findings here.

Healthcare leaders are grappling with systemic challenges that include critical staff shortages, record turnover rates, and people who are exhausted, demoralized, disengaged, and angry. Prolonged stress is turning into burnout, depression and complex trauma, yet healthcare workers are historically resistant to therapy or self care. How can we help them?

One solution is highly targeted training in the most effective mental and emotional skills for managing stress. This brief series bakes down the essential science, strategies, and practices into four 60-minute live classes that can be delivered to an audience of any size, on any schedule. 

The program may also be implemented as a mindfulness Train-the-Trainer program, and/or as a comprehensive in-house mindfulness program, with a turn-key curriculum, materials and resources.


If you’re interested, please connect with us below for additional information, program details and pricing. 

Thanks for your interest in IOSM Mindfulness for Healthcare - we will reach out shortly with more information.

More Ways to Connect

Please let us know if we can help, or if you’d like to discuss this program, or other all-science mindfulness solutions for the workforce. 

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