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Business Plan

Practice Options
Practices via Mobile App, Zoom, Text and Email

Practice, Practice, Practice

Establish and grow a durable daily practice with 100,000 mobile sessions, guided meditations through email, and drop-in live meditations starting every hour

Using Mobile Phone

Insight Timer @Work

IOSM Members receive FREE MemberPlus and @Work access to the most comprehensive and widely used mobile app in the world

Guided Meditation

Daily Email Meditations

A structured 56-day start-up program of 5-10 minute guided video meditations, pushed to you every morning in email.

Guided Meditation

On-the-Hour Live Meditation

Members are invited to attend live 30-minute meditation sessions, starting-on-the hour, every hour and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Yoga Group

Video Meditation Series

Daily email meditation programs for stress reduction, focus and attention, compassion and self-compassion, gratitude, and more.


Playlists, Videos and Scripts

Insight Timer Playlists, our own hand-curated videos, and a library of meditation exercises and scripts.

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