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Performance-Focused Mindfulness

Our 8-week Certificate Courses  teach science-based mindfulness, applied to develop mental and emotional skills, and unlock greater individual performance and productivity. Each course offers live, instructor-led classes, comprehensive self-study, daily guided practice, and unlimited coaching. 


Mindfulness has been proven to relieve stress, anxiety, distraction, compulsive behaviors and depression - while increasing mental clarity and awareness, motivation and engagement, focus and attention control, social and emotional intelligence - and more. These are remarkably positive outcomes, and powerful force-multipliers for personal and organizational success. 


Select a standard Certificate Course - Tailor any course to your objectives - Or build your own course from scratch with our 60-minute Performance Class modules. 

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Train Your Leaders

​Mindfulness strengthens core leadership capabilities:

Self-Awareness and Authenticity

Integrity and Trustworthiness

Empathy and Compassion 

Agility and Adaptability

Emotional Intelligence

Reason and Critical Thinking

Communication and Influence

Train Your Workforce

Mindfulness improves performance capabilities and behaviors:

A Growth Mindset

Positive Wellbeing

Motivation and Engagement

Focus and Concentration

Emotional Management 

Collaboration and Teamwork

Grit and Resilience

Train Your Trainers

Bring it all in-house, for control and cost efficiency: 

Program Design

Best Practices 

Certified Facilitators

A Turn-Key Curriculum

Course Materials

Self-Study Programs

Assessments and Metrics

Transform Your Culture

Build mindfulness into the DNA of your workplace:

A Global Community

Research and Information

Workshops and Webinars

Hourly Meditation Sessions

Expert Coaching

Continuous Learning

Always-on Support

Certificate Summaries

Co Workers

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was created by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), MBSR is the most scientifically studied form of mindfulness training in the U.S.and is considered a gold-standard curriculum for stress reduction and psychological wellbeing

Modern Office

Mindful Workplace Facilitator

Mindfulness training for the workplace should be rigorously science-based, and connected to personal and organizational outcomes. This course certifies that teachers and facilitators understand the most current brain science and biology, and how to apply mindfulness to develop more effective leaders, and a higher-performing workforce.

Work Presentation

Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership is designed for supervisors, managers and executives leaders. The workforce and workplace are changing, and many of the management strategies we learned in business school are basically obsolete. This is a time that calls for greater authenticity, self-awareness, emotional control, empathy and compassion. In short, mindful leadership.  

At Work

Mindful Wellbeing and Performance

Mindful Wellbeing and Performance is designed for individuals and teams across the entire workforce. Everyone benefits from greater health, happiness, engagement, and performance. Science-based mindfulness quiets, calms, and focuses the mind, and so strengthens cognitive and emotional intelligence skills — which in turn, improve personal performance and productivity.

Paying at the Store

Mindful Sales and Customer Service

Our client-facing teams are on the front lines of the organization, and their mindset, mental strength and emotional intelligence are essential to our business success. This course is for the professionals who are creating trust and rapport, solving problems, and building the relationships that lead to greater sales and loyal fans.    


Mindful Strategic HR

Human Resources has a seat at the strategic table, and an important responsibility to optimize the effectiveness of the people who power the company. At the same time, they’re serving in high-pressure, people-facing, relationship-critical roles themselves. Mindfulness is both an important strategic initiative, and a critical new competency for HR. 

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"Superior mindfulness skills are a vital repertoire for every elite performer. As they improve their mindfulness skills, they improve their performance, and learn to overcome the unhelpful consequences of negative emotional states."


Dr. Peter Trask, Performance Psychologist 

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