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Authentic Leadership

Bill George | 59:56


Hello, and welcome to today's Tech Talk. I'm Dolores Bernardo, and I'm with people development. I'm so pleased to be introducing Bill George today. Bill is an inspiring leader. His work is often quoted in Google's leadership development programs, as well as he's been quoted in men's Book Search Inside Yourself. So lots of Google connections. Bill has spent over 30 years in executive leadership positions. As CEO of Medtronic, he built the company into the world's leading medical technology company, from a market capitalization of 1 billion to 60 billion. So he knows business.

Currently, his professor at Harvard Business School, his 2004 book, authentic leadership, was a Businessweek bestseller. We're lucky to have him with us today to tell us about his follow on book to authentic leadership, discover your true north, which features over 100 profiles of leaders.

In discovering your true north, Bill has profiled what's changed in the last 10 years about leadership. On a personal note, I turned to build build George's work on values centered leadership, whenever I'm facing a tough challenge, and I know many Google leaders do. Discover Your TrueNorth offers a concrete Comprehensive Guide to Becoming an authentic leader, and reveals how you can chart your path to success. So please join me in welcoming Bill George.

Thank you guys for coming. I'm really excited about being here. I want to do a talk today that goes well beyond the book. I feel it's a privilege to be at the world's most innovative company. This is something I've said and writing about Google. And I really believe that that you are indeed that I have great admiration for your leaders, Eric Schmidt and I served together on the Mayo Clinic board. And he is an amazing leader, what he's done in this company, Larry and Sergey, of course, as founders have stayed with it and have grown as leaders have wisely looked to other leaders like Eric to coach them through the processes. And I think it's pretty remarkable how this company has grown.

But now I think the opportunities in front of you as alphabet are staggering. I mean, when I first heard you're going into self driving cars, I said, you know, they lost their mind. And they started learning more about it. And I said, This is amazing. And that's just one of many, many ventures you're going into. And so I think the future is virtually unlimited in your new organization. I wrote an article a few weeks back, I believe it really is setting the standard for all innovative companies. Because the toughest problem that companies have is how do you sustain your growth?

For 30 years, my role model company was Hewlett Packard, Dave Packard, I met Dave Packard back in 1968. When I was leaving the Pentagon, he was coming in as Deputy Secretary he and Bill Hewlett.

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