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A Day of Reckoning


Dr. Sam Harris




A Day of Reckoning was an all day conference that took place in Sydney, Australia at the ICC on August 12th 2018. This conference featured Sam Harris, Maajid Nawaz, Eric Weinstein, Bret Weinstein & Douglas Murray. The event was moderated by Josh Zepps.


Okay. Well, and now for something completely different, so just to get a sense of who I'm talking to here, how many of you have a meditation practice? How many of you have never meditated? Okay, interesting. An unsolvable problem. Okay. Okay. So I, I'm going to, the meditation that I'm going to introduce to you is kinda generically described as mindfulness meditation, and, and there are many different types of meditation.

There are certainly different ways to teach mindfulness. Uh, the, the great thing about mindfulness, it's, it's originally a Buddhist practice. It has analogs and other tradit. But the great thing about mindfulness as taught by Buddhist and usually Teva Buddhist, the first school of Buddhism that you find in Thailand and Burma and Sri Lanka, uh, is that there really is no artifice associated with it.

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