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Emotional Intelligence Superpowers


Marc Brackett




Emotions Matter. They inform our thinking and decisions, the quality of our relationships, our physical and mental health, and everyday performance. What we “do” with our emotions is especially important. In Marc’s talk you’ll learn Yale's “hard science” approach to what has often been referred to as “soft skills" from the lab that founded this groundbreaking field, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Specifically, you’ll leave the talk with a deeper understanding of: The Science of Emotions and the Five Key Skills of Emotional Intelligence, including practical strategies and tools.


Hi everybody. Hi. So I guess my job is to ask you how you're feeling. Um, I think I'm kidding. I have to just say before I start that I. Create the title for my presentation. I have to put the onus there, and Danielle would probably get fired from this presentation title. Um, just kidding. Um, so I wanna start off with a quote.

Can I ask everyone to get some like maybe good posture in your seats? Some of you're like, take a nice inhale. Maybe just get settled and just think about how this quote resonates with you. And I'll just read it. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

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